Elliott Dahlgren Straat Master of Lightning


2012, May

Master of lightning

Sand will, at high temperatures, turn to glass. Lightning can generate temperatures to up to 30 000 C¡. These two phenomena in nature caught the attention of designer Elliott Dahlgren StrŒŒt in his first year at Beckmans college of design. He contemplated that, in theory, one should be able to tame the forces of lightning to naturally create an object of glass. Said and done, in 2012, Elliott sat out to do just this; tame nature into creating a design piece.

To accomplish this a raft was created consisting of a styrofoam floatation support, a casting form and copper wire. The main goal was to, with the leading help of the copper wire and the shape of the casting form, create a glass vase solely by sand and thunder.

With three weatherballoons and an antenna, to further lead the lightning, the raft was put out to sea on a day when meteorologists had predicted heavy lightning.

What happened next, is answered in the film ÓMaster of LightningÓ.

(Written by Fredrik Ramel)



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Master of lightning